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Due to Malta’s small size, the atmosphere in most companies is warm and welcoming. EU nationals can work in Malta without an employment licence. Third-country nationals require work permits, and the granting of these is subject to a labour market test. Permits will be given on a temporary basis and have to be renewed every one-to-three years. The applicant must possess a professional qualification or a high degree of skill or experience. Employment may be for a fixed or indefinite term, and on a full-time or part-time basis. The length of the probation period is normally six months. The working week in Malta has 40 hours on the average, and 48 hours are the legal maximum. Employees in full-time employment are entitled to 24 days of vacation per year. Maternity leave for female employees in full-time employment is 18 weeks. The law also provides for up to three months’ unpaid parental leave in the case of birth, adoption or legal custody of a minor. There are also 14 public holidays in Malta, meaning that employees can benefit from additional leisure time. 



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