Real Estate / Office Space

Built to the highest standards and often enjoying magnificent views, Malta offers a wide range of commercial property for rent or purchase. Office space is available in purpose-built office blocks, as well as in converted houses and flats, or within some of the new, large mixed-use developments. Sliema and St. Julian’s are popular locations, with Tigné Point in Sliema and the Portomaso Business Tower in St Julian’s being prime venues. Valletta, the capital, is the administrative centre, offering office space in prestigious townhouses or centuries-old palazzos. A number of business centres in different parts of the island provide fully equipped offices that are available on flexible terms, with meeting rooms and a receptionist service as part of the package. A large number of local and international real-estate agents provide sales and letting services and can assist in locating suitable property.


Costs of Commercial Space


Type of                                                Approx. Rental Prices                         Approx. Sales Prices

Office Space                                             in € /m2 per annum                                           in € /m2


Prestigious                                                            €380                                                         €6,000 +


Professional                                                          €250                                                         €4,000


Economical                                                            €120                                                        €2,000


Costs of Residential Space


Type of                                       Approx. Rental Prices                                     Approx. Sale Prices

Residence                                                 Monthly                                                            in € /m2


Prestigious                                                          €6,000                                                     €8,000 +      


Professional                                                        €2,500                                                     €4,000


Economical                                                         €800                                                  €1,500/ 2,000   




Co-Working Spaces

As Malta’s start-up community is expanding rapidly, a number of co-working spaces have opened up offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in a vibrant and dynamic environment that will not only foster their ideas, but also create invaluable business connections while still being affordable. The HUB Workspace, Soho Office and THAT Space are all companies offering shared office solutions.



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