Living in Malta
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Living it Up...Island Style

Unpretentious, beautiful and refreshingly affordable, Malta is a place where you can truly have it all: from swimming, boating and diving to relaxing and shopping, and all within the romantic environment that makes the Maltese Islands so special. It is hard to think of any other location in the world that has such a variety of attractions so close by and easy to get to.

Picture yourself in a place where you can enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle to the fullest; where you can have the highest living standards, amidst colourful local culture and a landscape steeped in history. If you ever thought about relocating to another country, Malta might be the right choice. Living in Malta is a unique experience, especially for those used to hectic city environments and long commutes between work and home. The island’s small size and wealth of entertainment options means that in Malta, it is possible to have it all: work hard, play hard and relax by the sea, all in one day.

An Ideal Environment

Measuring quality of life can be tricky and universal yardsticks don’t often work, but one thing that most people agree on is that a balanced life makes for a happy life. The proverbial eight hours work, eight hours play and eight hours sleep aren’t easy to achieve in a big city environment where long commutes eat away at dwindling leisure time and frayed tempers in equal measure. Living on a tiny island, however, changes all that, and most expats in Malta cite the comfortable, relaxed lifestyle as one of the main reasons for their move. Malta is small: nowhere is more than 30 minutes away from wherever you are, and the sea, the cafes, the restaurants, cinemas, theatres, sports clubs or gyms are almost always within walking distance of your office or home. 

But it’s not only time issues that give Malta its edge over other European locations. The Maltese character is imbued with the British legacy of strong work ethic and powerful ambition, softened by the natural southern Mediterranean temperament. Doing business in Malta is both satisfying and pleasant because the same balance that adds value in terms of time is also present in the nature of the people you’re working with. Add to that the fact that the Maltese health service is one of the best in the world, the postal service works at a high level of efficiency, the infrastructure is robust and continually being upgraded and schools, colleges and universities are among the best in Europe, and an already pretty picture becomes even more attractive.

Setting up Home

Housing is easy to organise, with a wide range of properties available to rent or purchase, from fully furnished apartments to rustic farmhouses, villas with pools, and even palaces, all at competitive prices, usually half the price of similar properties on the UK market. Your Maltese neighbours will speak Maltese and English, and will probably have at least a working knowledge of Italian, French or German. The cost of living remains one of the lowest in Europe, yet banking, taxation, insurance, social security, utilities and communications services are sophisticated, professional and reliable, often surpassing those offered in many European nations. All of this, of course, under a Mediterranean sun that sparkles on the cleanest and clearest water in the region, and that gives the island hot, dry summers, short, mild winters and gloriously warm spring and autumn weather.

All This and More

Does it get any better? Well yes, actually. The Maltese cuisine, a Mediterranean diet based on fresh seasonal ingredients, is one of the healthiest and tastiest in the region, crime is almost nonexistent, making Malta one of the safest places in the world, and the population’s Catholic tradition, evident in the hundreds of beautiful churches and chapels to be seen in every town, village or hamlet, bursts into joyous street celebrations with every feast day marked by processions, spectacular fireworks displays, band marches and general feasting.

Malta offers residents and expats the unique opportunity to live every aspect of life to the full, with warm sunshine and sparkling seas providing an enchanting backdrop to a pleasant Mediterranean lifestyle.

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