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Legislation & Regulation

Malta has received international recognition for its stable and comprehensive regulatory framework in line with EU practice. Having joined the European Union in 2004, it adheres strictly to EU anti-money-laundering, insider-dealing and professional-secrecy laws, and its frameworks are aimed at attracting only international businesses of repute. Malta’s adoption of the euro on 1 January 2008 has added further stability and increased the ease of doing business across frontiers. The country’s legal system is rooted both in the Anglo-Saxon common-law tradition and the Continental European Napoleonic/Justinian code. Malta’s corporate law is firmly based on British models. It allows for a variety of structures, giving the investor considerable flexibility within a well-regulated framework.   

Industry / Sector

Regulator / Authority

Financial Services

Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)


Transport Malta


Malta Communication Authority (MCA)


Malta Resources Authority (MRA)

Development / Environment

Malta Environment & Planning Authority (MEPA)


Malta Tourism Authority (MTA)


Malta Gaming Authority

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