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While Malta may not be the cheapest European location, many companies that either outsource work to Malta or have operations in the country comment that it offers value for money: the workforce is highly educated, wages are reasonable and employee turnover is relatively low, resulting in reduced training costs and better quality of service. The island also boasts an excellent ICT infrastructure and a wide choice of commercial properties. Starting a business is relatively easy and only takes a couple of days.


Reserving a unique company name: The availability of a company name can be checked online through the Registry of Companies or in person. The cost is €8 and the process normally takes a day.

Drafting the memorandum and articles of association: Normally law firms or corporate service providers draft these. The cost normally ranges between €500 - €1,000 and normally takes a day.

Deposit the paid-in minimum capital: The bank will open a company account once it receives reference letters from the signatories’ respective banks. There is no charge and the process normally takes a day.

Registration Fees: The Limited Liability Company is the most common form of business entity in Malta. Registration of companies is handled by the Malta Financial Services Authority, and  fees range from €210 for a company with an authorised share capital of up to €1,500, to €2,500 for authorised share capital of over €2.5 million. Applications can be made in either paper or electronic format. The length of time required depends on the type of company and whether all the required information and documentation is available. The process can take from as little as 24 hours. Further information is available from the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Obtaining a Trade Licence: Businesses can obtain licences from the Trade Licensing Unit Commerce Department. There a two main types of licence depending on whether your business involves the handling of food and/or beverages and activities involving hairdressing, beauty treatment. Fitness or physical well-being and where a “No Objection Declaration’’ is required from the Environmental Health Directorate. The cost is €58.23 for commercial activities from fixed premises that are less than 200 square metres and issue takes approximately 15 working days.

Other essential processes: There is no charge for the following other essential processes:

Register for Data Protection: Such registration must be completed though the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner before the company carries out any data processing operations. The process takes a day and costs €23.29.


Commercial Property is well sought after in Malta, and if you’re looking to lease or purchase commercial premises in a centrally built up area in Malta, it is definitely recommended to seek advice from a professional real estate agent in Malta. Costs vary according to location, size, amenities and finish. 


There are many providers of IT and Software, furniture and office supplies and equipment to cater for all requirements. Costs naturally vary. 


Utility costs in Malta are quite high in comparison with the cost of living. Current rates can be found at:

  • Water 
  • Electricity 
  • Gas 


Direct labour costs also hold up well, at a competitive 30% to 50% of those in the older EU Member States. However, when labour costs, productivity and working hours are factored together, the picture is even better. Malta’s workforce then becomes cheaper than all established EU economies. What's more, when social security costs and other employment taxes are added in, Malta's total labour costs are competitive with the new EU Member States and significantly lower than established EU Members. 

Average Salaries


Salary range €







Financial Controller


Part Qualified Accountant


Newly Warranted Accountant


Branch Manager


Treasury Senior Manager


Fund Accountant


Fund Clerk


Trust Manager


Compliance Manager


Compliance Officer


Technical Architect


Business Intelligence Specialist


Software Development Team Lead


Software Developer (I)*


Software Tester (I)*


Source: Castille Resources 2015

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